The following is a compilation of all presentations given — both in person and online — that have been recorded in audio format. They have been sorted and are free to download and distribute.

Rules of FastingDownload
And the Believers Love Allah MoreDownload
Awesome MentalityDownload
Signs of ProphethoodDownload
[Democracy Series] Are Islam and Democracy Compatible?Download
[Democracy Series] FreedomDownload
[Democracy Series] Human Rights in IslamDownload
[Democracy Series] Revolutions OverseasDownload
Description of Al-JannahDownload
Determining RamadanDownload
Du'aa 1Download
Du'aa 2Download
Fiqh of RamadanDownload
Five Before FiveDownload
Gender Relations [Stuyvesant High School]Download
Gender Relations Q&ADownload
Hayaa' [MIST 2010]Download
How to Perform TafseerDownload
How to Study IslamDownload
'Ibadah of RamadanDownload
Ikhtilaf Q&ADownload
Islamic Identity [Hofstra University]Download
Islamic PersonalityDownload
Islam is One UnitDownload
True LiberationDownload
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