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The Islamic ‘aqeedah is the cornerstone of Islam. As such, only with is realization is a true Islamic personality achievable. The better understanding one has of this belief system, the more inner peace and tranquility one will achieve, and the more clear the purpose of life becomes,


Islam, different from all other faiths, approaches its belief system rationally: addressing the human nature (fitrah). It requires that the individual is certain of his/her conviction. Thus, blind faith, imitation, and doubts are not permitted. All people regardless of their race, color, or intellectual level are expected to achieve such conviction.

When Muslims understood this Islamic ‘aqeedah, it changed them and made them the best of mankind. It lifted them from the state of jahiliyah and backwardness to eminence and leadership. They carried the light of their belief system to mankind, bringing the mercy of Islam to the far corners of the world. Take this in contrast to the present condition of the Muslim Ummah, where to many, Islam itself is in question. Many a Muslim fail to even see the uniqueness of their belief, viewing it as no different from other religions.

These series of courses will address what the Islamic Aqeedah is, how to approach it, the types of evidences that are accepted in it, proofs for its validity, and so on.

Books covered: No single book will serve as textbook. Rather, various articles and handouts will be provided.

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